Mama, where does chicken come from?

We had roast chicken on the menu the other day and Thomas was helping me prepare the bird.

Big Tom: Mama where does this chicken come from?

Me: Erm . . . from the farm.
BT: And how did he come to our house?
Me: Erm . . . he cames from the shop
BT: How did he get to the shop?

Interjection: So here I am thinking do I tell him the truth or some lame story? Being the kind of person I am, I decide to go for gold and be honest.

Me: The farmer looks for the old chickens and chop off their heads and . . .

BT: Nooooo Mama! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Floods of tears.

DH walking into the kitchen: What’s happening in here?

BT in between great big sobs: Mama says the farmer chops off the chicken’s head. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

DH just said: Dude, how could you?

I walked out and found something else to do.

Once my assistant chef had calmed down and his father had given him the Happily Ever After version of how the chicken came to our house, he came to help me in the kitchen and peace once again reigned.

BT: Mama (sob sob) the (sob sob) farmer (sob sob) doesn’t chop of the chicken’s head (sob sob). You musn’t say (sob sob) that (sob sob sob!)

I made a conscious decision to not beat around the bush and spin some lame story when it comes to the important stuff like death, sex and so forth but eish . . . I misjudged this one.

DH reckons I might just have turned Thomas into a vegetarian . . . which is probably cool because he has quite an appetite for meat!


8 thoughts on “Mama, where does chicken come from?

  1. Our-Journey-To-Parenthood

    Hehe, I’m with Thomas on this one, I believe that meat and chicken comes from the butcher, made there ๐Ÿ˜‰ Fish, unfortunately our time in Mozambique taught me that you have to eat fish even though you’ve seen them move, otherwise you will only live on bread and fruit and veg ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. ludditelass

    Shame, poor little sensitive soul! I also believe in telling the truth in age-appropriate terms. Who knew he would react like that?!

  3. crey

    We have the same approuch to things. The truth and nothing else. But shame, souds like Big Tom has a sensitive soul…We looked through a Clicks book once and Shaun just loves sitting next to me while I make my shopping lists. While I looked at the sjampoo special a Durex item caught his eye. “Ma, wat’s die?”. I just answered “groot mens goed”, maar Husband sticking to our rule said: “kondoom”. I litterly cringed. Shaun looked at me and saved the situation by saying: “dis sommer net grootmens goed, ek gaan Xbox speel”. Needless to say, Husband and I had a talk too there after. That was a bit too honest for my liking.


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