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Your past . . .

My latest article I did was about how much of your past should you tell your kid.

As far as Thomas is and will be concerned, I was like Mother Theresa until I married his dad. He won’t hear anything about my past  . . . from me!

I can’t control people from my past telling him about his wild mom! 🙂

Nah, but seriously now. It was amazing to see how many people didn’t want to tell their kids anything about their past. And there were some interesting pasts!



Chocolate is boring . . .

“Mama, I don’t want to be chocolate anymore. It’s boring. I want to be like them.” – this said while we’re watching some show on TV and pointing to “vanilla people” like he calls them.

Whoa. Yiiikes.

I gulped a few times. Asked him if I’m boring. No you’re not.
Then mentioned all the chocolate people in our lives. No they’re not boring. But he wants to be vanilla.

How does one handle this? Instinct says don’t react. He’s only 4. Let’s hope instinct rules.
Do I have a Michael Jackson on my hands? Or is it something all kids, even post 1994, goes through?

In the event of our death . . .

Before DH and I were both diagnosed with very rare, incurable (apart from organ transplants) and life-threatening (if we don’t take meds and if the meds no longer works) conditions, we had a plan with what happens to Thomas if he is still a minor when we die.

After these conditions were diagnosed in us, we’ve had to revise this plan. Before the whole medical dramas we had people for “one day when we die”. Now that we know for sure we could drop dead at anytime, we’ve had to rethink this. On Saturday we revised our wills and made plans for a more immediate expiry date.

Amazing how your view of friends and family changes when you have to decide which one of them has to stand in for you as parent when you are no longer around.

Anyhoo, we’re happy with our choice. Decided on my step-mom and sister. I think the blend of young and old is perfect and they are both financial boffs so I know they won’t blow our money on bags, shoes and stuff and send our son to the local overcrowded state school! 🙂

Now we have to approach them, get their deets and get the wills updated officially. Yiikes.

Scary, but necessary.