Chocolate is boring . . .

“Mama, I don’t want to be chocolate anymore. It’s boring. I want to be like them.” – this said while we’re watching some show on TV and pointing to “vanilla people” like he calls them.

Whoa. Yiiikes.

I gulped a few times. Asked him if I’m boring. No you’re not.
Then mentioned all the chocolate people in our lives. No they’re not boring. But he wants to be vanilla.

How does one handle this? Instinct says don’t react. He’s only 4. Let’s hope instinct rules.
Do I have a Michael Jackson on my hands? Or is it something all kids, even post 1994, goes through?


7 thoughts on “Chocolate is boring . . .

  1. c.boshoff

    could just be a phase, whenever Michael want’s to be “different” I just point out all the great things about HIM, and how God made him exactly the way He wanted him to be. That usually helps. Good luck.
    PS: Tell him Chocolate tastes WAAAAYYYY better than Vanilla!

  2. DBK

    lol, Babycakes told , me last night she wants a white husband. She classifies herself as brown and me white.

  3. Cams @HoneyKids

    I remember Tash wanting chocolate skin like her pre-school friend Seth. It’s the age where they start noticing differences. Have you had the boy / girl one yet?

    1. rochelle.barrish Post author

      Nah, he’s very happy to be a boy. In the stage where girls are annoying and yucky “cos they talk ALL the time and they just want to kiss!”

  4. nusha

    Sjoe! That would have thrown me for a loop too …

    I like Caz’s tactic … must remember it for future use! 🙂


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