Your past . . .

My latest article I did was about how much of your past should you tell your kid.

As far as Thomas is and will be concerned, I was like Mother Theresa until I married his dad. He won’t hear anything about my past  . . . from me!

I can’t control people from my past telling him about his wild mom! 🙂

Nah, but seriously now. It was amazing to see how many people didn’t want to tell their kids anything about their past. And there were some interesting pasts!



5 thoughts on “Your past . . .

  1. helen_77

    I’d like to believe that I did nothing sordid in my past and I would happily tell Liam what a great upbringing I had. Truth!

  2. deblet

    I must be the most boring mother on earth,I really have nothing in my past to hide from my girls….no wild drinking,smoking stories.
    No sex and rock n roll….boring!!

  3. Me and Mine

    I find myself telling Jess things as and when she asks about them. There are a couple of issues that are not terrible in themselves but will be told when she is older. Hugs xx

  4. Sumanda

    Whahaha Jip my kinders moet ook maar glo ek was amper so goed soos Moeder Theresa. Daar is ‘n paar dinge wat my die horries wil laat kry as ek dink my kinders moet doen wat ek gedoen het 🙂


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