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Mama in the picture

After reading this article (my link insert thingy isn’t working for some reason).

I have renewed my vow to be more in the picture. My mom died when I was 9 and a lot of the pics of her were lost/stolen/destroyed. I only have her wedding pics and the odd pic of her at some family gathering as evidence that she ever existed, Oh and whatever pics I have on the reel in my mind.  Therefore not much to go on and remind me of her.

Before I had Thomas I didn’t like having pics taken because of body issues and after Thomas there was definitely more body issues to be dealt with.

Cue the health drama and almost dying which chilled me and I realised I am well on my way to doing to Thomas what I dread most. No remembrance of me. So I allowed more pics to be taken but nothing to be published.

Then I went to the funeral of a family friend. She was huuuge but there were so many happy pics of her and her kids, grandkids and even great-grandkids. And one could see the love and happiness in these pics! This definitel helped with my body issues and the camera, but still no publishing of pics. Just for Thomas’s memories.

After reading this, I reckon what the hell! I have only one life. My son has only one Mama and I want him to remember me. So here’s to being in the picture!


Junior Masterchef Australia

Saw the first episode last night and hell’s bells! Those kids are amazing and super-talented! I can only dream of making some of the things they can make.

Thanks to @WOOLWORTHS_SA ads inbetween, Thomas now thinks I’m a masterchef because I “make”all the food they advertised! hahaha. And he was very chuffed to see his yogurt and other snacks from his lunch.

Someone tweeted: That awkward moment when Junior Masterchef Australia is better than MasterChef South Africa!

I am so looking forward to this series, those kids are going to put me to shame but I reckon I can learn lots from them. Come on, if a kid can do it, I can! Right?

Just over four years ago, Thomas cut his first tooth. A beautiful left upper incisor. Before the tooth broke through, we had tears (more mine than his), fever, clinginess, pain and lots of sleepless nights. After the tooth broke through there was joy, tears (definitely mine), pancakes, pumpkin fritters and bubbly!

Just over four years later, I got a call from his school to say he’s had an accident. Was speeding on his scooter and fell face first into the tarmac.

The same beautiful tooth we celebrated back then, was now broken in three pieces. His upper lip was cut and he was hysterical.

A quick trip to the doctor revealed that the cut on the lip was superficial – not too deep and definitely not needing stitches.

But the beautiful tooth, oi the tooth. We lost a third of it on the playground, the 2nd third was perilously hanging on to the last third of the tooth that was still firmly attached to his gum.

His dentist was off on the day the accident happened and the oral hygienist we saw thought the tooth would have to be removed. When we returned the next day, the dentist wanted to save the tooth.

That beautiful tooth has now given me more tears (because of what it cost) and is now even more precious (once again the cost!)

R1 200 later, that milk tooth is now fixed up and ready to be pushed out by his permanent tooth next year!!!

Before the dentist fixed it.