You know you’ve lived if . . .


At the age of 37, you get a happy birthday SMS from your cardiologist, audiologist and optometrist! That’s what happened this year. The birthday loot is from friends and family.

As my neighbour pointed out, the only one missing was my gynae 🙂

As someone living with heart failure, I am very aware of life being too short, so every birthday I’ve celebrated since my diagnosis three years ago has been extra special.

I cannot believe I’m 37. Eek, meep and yiikes. Whenever I have to think about my age, I have to count back to my wedding. I know I was 30 back then and that is where time sort of stood still for me. I suppose in my head I will always be 30 as it was one of the best years of my life. Followed closely by 32, when I had Big Tom.

I recently asked a group of friends at a dinner party we had how old they were in their heads. Most of them were 10 to 20 years younger in their heads. My dad once said he didn’t feel a day older than 8!

How old do you feel in your head?


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