Between the devil and the fairy

Little devil?
Little angel?

Last night just before bedtime, Thomas saw one of my tablets on my bedstand and picked it up to have a closer look. Between Elton and I, we have a whole lot of tablets to take, but we’ve always been very good about keeping it out of reach of little hands. We also taught the owner of little hands what to do if he should find one of our tablets on the floor or in a place it’s not supposed to be.

The tablet he was inspecting last night was one I had dropped a few nights ago and found again. I gently reminded him about the tablet rule in our house and this was his reply:

I know not to put it in my mouth, Mama. Even if the devil gets on my shoulder and tells me ‘come on Thomas, put it in your mouth. Eat it, you won’t die’. I will not listen to him. I will only listen to the fairy, because when I listen to her, I get sweets and stickers but when I listen to the devil, I have to go to time out. But the devil can never get on my shoulder as I am superfast!


One thought on “Between the devil and the fairy

  1. vivienne barrish

    what a fantastic answer. If only we as adults can act in that way, what a happier place we live in. Let us put the devil under our feet forever. God Bless our Children.


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