I’ll give you R100 if nothing happens.

A colleague spent the weekend at her mom’s place and as one does when you’re home, you spoon with mommy (well if daddy is no longer in the picture).

She lives with her fiancé and sometime during the night while spooning with mommy, she got all ‘fidgety’ and just stopped short of groping mommy down under!! She says she woke up just in time before she actually groped, but still thinks her mom knew what she was about to do but they both didn’t say a word about it.

Reminds me of a friend of mine who went to Bloem with a business acquaintance once and due to a mix-up at the reception desk, they had to share a bed. Both male. Both very straight. My friend was the younger of the two and after thinking of all the scenarios in which they don’t have to share a bed, they had no option but to share a bed. Legend has it, the older guy offered to pay my friend R100 in the morning if no groping and touching happened!! My friend went on to have a lovely fullhouse breakfast with his spoils, albeit with an extremely stiff neck and body.

I’m a groper of note. Lucky husband! So consider yourselves warned . If you’re ever lucky enough to share a bed with me, there will be groping. Unless you pay me, I might just be able to stop myself for the right price.


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