Monthly Archives: November 2013

Be your daughter’s first . . .

On my way to the station this morning I saw something that made me want to weep with regret and also smile with the kind of smile that almost makes your heart break, it’s so touching.

Walking on the opposite side of the road in the same direction as me, was a dad and his daughter. I take it she is probably in grade 6 or 7 as her body language told me she’s in the I’m-too-young-to-walk-to-school-alone-but-I-wish-my-dad-would-just-stay-a-few-more-steps-back-as-he-is-like-sooooo-embarrassing stage.

Her dad was quite sweet. Hanging back a few steps like the DoE does when he’s out with Lizzie, but also quite anxious to not let her out of his sight as there were many people in between them all on their way to the station. I was watching them all the way, just marvelling at the love a father has (or should have ) for his daughter. It was one of those heart-achingly sweet moments. Not too long ago her dad was her hero and she couldn’t get enough of him and now, due to the rush of hormones that has invaded her body, Daddy is like sooo last year.

So as we’re walking and I’m watching them, dad stops at someone’s hedge of hibiscus shrubs, quickly looks about to see if anyone can see him and picks a flower for his princess. He was carrying her bag so he stuck the flower in the spot where her name badge goes. There was of course a time when he would’ve put that flower in her hair, told her she is his princess and she would’ve replied with an I-love-you-Daddy. But for now, until he’s cool again (maybe in her 20’s or 30’s) he daren’t give her the flower for her hair – not in public any way.

Made me think of something my sister and I discussed a few days back. We both have major daddy issues, luckily we didn’t end up on the stripper’s pole like Chris Rock says. CR says as a dad of a daughter, your one and only duty is to keep your daughter off the stripper’s pole. If your daughter ends up as a stripper, you messed up, BIG TIME.

My sister and I were talking about how your father is supposed to be your first:
First guy to say he loves you
First guy to hug you and make you feel safe
First guy to give you flowers
First guy to open a door for you
First guy to pull out a chair for you
First guy to make you feel loved enough so you can be vulnerable
First guy to look at you in a way that makes you feel like a million dollars (well with the current exchange rates, maybe pounds)

OTHERWISE some maaifoedie is going to come along, say I love you, give her a flower, or look interested in her and she’s going to fall for his cheap tricks all because she has daddy issues.

Because of my daddy issues, I’ve had to kiss a few frogs before I found my prince. My poor sis is still kissing frogs, I really hope her prince comes along soon . . . she deserves it.