Talk to them . . .

Tania blogged about talking to your kids today. I’m not surprised at the number of parents who don’t talk to their kids. I know. You’re tired.They are tired and all you get is “fine” or “ok” if you ask about their day or how school was.

I learnt early on to ask questions that does not lead to fine or ok. But it took me a while to figure it out. And as Tania said, you have to unravel and unravel and unravel- best you have wine. . . until you get the good stuff out of them.

We’ve dealt with bullies, crappy teachers and all sorts in between. And as she mentions in her blog, the trick is not to ever ever show your kid that you’re angry or upset. They need you to be all adult and rational.

Easier said than done. Believe me. I went to threaten Thomas’ one bully with jail! Hahaha. I know. Totes over reacted but fuckit, he’s my son. My only child. I send him to school in perfect nick and I want him back in perfect nick. Not damaged physically, mentally or psychologically.

So as Tania says, speak to them, listen to them and be patient.You will hear what you need to hear and hopefully have enough time to stop any funny business.



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