How does your child handle rejection?

Is something human beings struggle to deal with. Exhibit A – the latest school shooting in America (where else?).

I struggle with it. Getting better with age, though. And having a child helps with getting over your issues. A lot. Thomas has taught me so much about myself. He’s turned his introverted mommy into an extrovert. (We’re still working on Daddy). And boy, has he developed my character!

The most recent lesson my son taught me was how to handle rejection. This is how our conversation went.

Me: Hey Beeb, what did you get up to at school today? Any time-outs?
T:  Erm, I just played and did some drawings.
M: Ok. How much sand did you bring home this time? (Reference to all the sand I find in his shoes and clothes).
T: Hahaha, enough to build a sandcastle! Oh Mama, I asked a boy from the Blue class (the other Grade R class) if he wanted to play with me and he said no. So I went to look for Nasi (one of his usual mates) and played with him.

Makes it sound so easy, eh?



2 thoughts on “How does your child handle rejection?

  1. sharons58

    Wtg T!! Jess had this type of attitude from pre – school and it has gone with her all these years later. She does not see rejection (thankful for this as it goes to self-esteem) as a personal issue!


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