I promise not to sell drugs, Mama

You two suck at peddling meth

We’ve just discovered the labyrinth of blood, destruction and hell that is Breaking Bad. If you don’t know it, hell where have you been?! 🙂

It’s only one of the best shows. Ever. We’re late to the party but it’s perfect for binge-watching. And it’s right up our alley. Guy has wife and child (and one on the way). Guy gets diagnosed with terminal disease. Guy’s medical aid does not pay for everything. Guy has to make a plan. Guy is a chemistry teacher (actually a whizz who was blindsided by a love interest who schnaaied him, took off with his ideas, and built a Fortune 500 company with her new love).

Guy finds degenerate ex-student and cooks meth to pay his bills. The purest meth ever. Junkies love it. Drug runners love it more. Drug lords love it even more.

Thomas  has been seeing bits of it when he comes to check in on us for a snuggle or when he’s hungry. Or he hears us discussing certain scenes. Otherwise he mostly entertains himself like only an only kid knows how to do.

Last night there was a scene of three degenerates being, well … degenerates and I thanked Thomas for being such an exemplary kid. And I mentioned how astounded I was that degenerate me made such a good kid. This is how the rest of that conversation went.

Me: Aww Thomas, you’re such a great kid. I am so lucky to have a cool kid like you. I was so naughty when I was younger.
Thomas: I will try to never do anything wrong, ok?
Me: No, no, it’s a rite of passage. You have to be naughty as a kid. You have to live. Just don’t break any hectic laws that will hurt people or land you in jail. Don’t be a bad person.
Thomas: Ok, I will try to live and do stuff. But I won’t ever sell drugs, ok Mama?

Whahahahaha. What an awesome kid.



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