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Is Thomas always just perfect?

No. No and No.

I have been asked this question a lot lately.  A. LOT.

Parents who see him at school. Parents who have him over for play dates. Parents who see him playing whatever sport he shares with their kids.

And the answer is a big NO.

When I told him about parents asking this question, he smiled and said. No. I do have my moments, as you say.

Being asked this question always leaves me fumbling for an answer. Of course he has his moments and when I vent to mommy friends, they get to hear about it. But I suspect people think I’m just telling tales and that Thomas Barrish can never be revolting.

He has been doing the Stroppy Sixes, Sevens and Eights for three years in a row now. It has been testing. It has not always been fun. So we chat about things, we bargain, and yes, dear members of Thomas’ fan club, sometimes we even resort to bribery.

But I think there’s a Calvinistic/Victorian gene somewhere in his DNA that keeps him from being revolting outside our little circle. When he was little and started noticing people’s differences (handicaps, etc) I used to drill it in him to not point and stare, but rather make a note of what it is he wants to ask and ask us when we are alone or out of ear shot of the person.

I don’t know if the “don’t ask embarrassing questions about people in company” has morphed into “don’t embarrass yourself in company” but he seems to be pretty good at containing his emotions and outbursts. He is quite private. (Mama, you can take this pic, but please don’t put it on the internet. OR Mama, I know what I just said was really funny but please don’t tell your friends on the internet.)

Maybe that is why other parents only ever get to see the “perfect Thomas”.

And then there’s the “perfect at any sports Thomas”. Thomas is very sporty and he likes anything that involves a ball.

Again the “Thomas just does so well in everything” came up from some parents and coaches. Here all the praise must go to Thomas. We have always encouraged him to try everything once and if he finds something he loves, to go for it. He found soccer from an early age and if you saw Thomas on his school playground in Grade R, 1 and now, you will always see his soccer ball. Some parents even call him Soccer Thomas to differentiate between him and the other Thomas in his class. He plays soccer every single day. So of course he will be good at it. Practice really does make perfect. He also does a lot of cricket in season, ditto tennis. He’s a powerful swimmer and does the most beautiful dives but doesn’t like swimming competitively. (I can swim. I won’t drown. Please can I stop swim lessons now?)

So he’s not “just perfect at any sports”, he works hard and he plays as much as we will allow . . . (cue meltdowns when he gets called in or told we’re going home).

That being said, he is pretty awesome most of the time and we think he’s pretty cool. But he is not perfect all the time, trust us. 🙂