The man of the house

We love watching nature doccies with Thomas and this Xmas holiday was so chilled (I desperately needed to rest, we had no money and PH came to play) so reading and vegging is all we did.)

One of the most recent ones we saw was Mark Carwardine and Stephen Fry’s Last Chance to See. It retraces the steps of Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine 20 yrs ago when they travelled the world in search of endangered animals and wrote the book this doccie is based on. Extraordinary. Fascinating. A must watch. And deeply distressing to see how the numbers have dwindled to the extent that some species are now critically endangered (they number in the double digits globally). 😦

One of the doccies we also saw, covered the politics in a pride of lions. From the impossibly cute cubs to the day the young lions challenge the alpha male for the right to mate with the lioness(es).

Much like the situation in our house at the moment. We have an alpha male and a young lion trying to find his feet. Boundaries are being pushed. Limits are being tested and voices are being raised. Me? I stay out of it, unless Elton taps out and tells me to take over.

Back to the lions, we see the cute cubs, we love the cute cubs and we ooh and aah. Both Thomas and I are broody for kitties. We get to the show down of young lion vs Big Papa and Thomas goes: Daddy, that’s going to be me and you when I am older, eh? I’m going to want to be the man of the house and we are going to have to have some sort of challenge. Said with a big grin. Long-suffering Elton nods his head and says yup and  starts telling Thomas about teen rites of passage and I decide to shut this dominance talk down at once.

Me: Thomas?
T: Mama?
M: You know they’re fighting to have sex with the lioness, right?
T: Yes, I know.
M: So guess what the man of this house has to do with this lioness?

And that, folks, is how you parent like a boss and shut down any patriarchal ideas your 8 year old may entertain.

You’re welcome!


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