Thomas and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad haircut

The day before school started, Thomas and his dad went for the usual haircut before school.

They’ve been doing this for years. He has his stylist and they know what he wants. He mostly comes back happy, unless he has a new stylist and things don’t happen the way he likes.

His current stylist is on mat leave, so he had to go to her stand-in.

Well, an hour after the appointment, my phone went ping and this is the WhatsApp exchange that followed:
Elton: oh boy, I screwed up big time now. Thomas not happy with the length of his hair. Did #1 on sides and back and #2 on top. Crying, won’t let me near him.
Me: What did he ask for? What does it look like? Too short or too long?
Elton: too short
Me: oops (secretly relieved that it didn’t happen on my watch)
Elton: That’s what we usually get, I think she has a heavy hand.
Me: Eish. Probs better anyway. Take longer to grow out.
Elton: He doesn’t want to go to school. Says they’re going to make fun of him.
Me: Ai
Elton: He closed his door when we got back. Told me to go away when I tried to console him. 😦

When I got home later that evening, they had sort of made up but things were still extraordinarily tense. This was a biggie and I think Elton was feeling deeply distressed as he has always been able to console Thomas. An inconsolable Thomas is not a situation he’s used to being in.

Preparation for day 1 of school was a bit tense and we stopped just short of a bribe. When we arrived at school, I started chatting to the mom of one of his closest friends and she laughed and called her son over. She made him take off his cap and showed us his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad haircut. He has straight blonde hair and after she had been at his head, there were little tufts (nests) of hair sticking out all over. Once Thomas saw his bad haircut, I think he felt better and day 2 was way  easier. Hahaha, a great lesson in perspective! We’re on day 7 and the no good, very bad haircut is almost forgotten.

Almost. Last night we did a perimeter check of our electric fence and moved the little warning boards off the connectors as that sometimes sets it off. The fence was switched off and Thomas was moving the boards with a broomstick. He asked me what would happen to him if the fence was on while he touched it with a broomstick and I said you’ll have a peculiar hairstyle and your eyes might just swivel in your head for a while. His reply: Well, thanks to Daddy not paying attention, I DO have a peculiar hairstyle and swivelly eyes sounds cool! 🙂






4 thoughts on “Thomas and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad haircut

  1. halberts2014

    LOL, shame man, this is so funny. In 2 weeks it will all have grown out. I do remember when Liam was 7 months old my FIL decided to cut his hair (they were looking after him). I was so not impressed when my little babies lovely blonde, whispy hair came back looking what DH calls a “pisspot” style. I’m sure you know what I mean
    HAHA, at the swivelling eyes. Very cool indeed

    1. bigtomsmom Post author

      Hahahaha, I know exactly what you mean with pisspot!! My PILs also kept hinting about cutting his hair when he was little. I made it VERY clear that no one is to cut his curls

  2. Deblet

    Lol… Glad he is sort of almost over the hair cut.
    We had a different scenario…LO attempted to cut herself a fringe,now we have an awkward few short pieces in the front that keep standing up.This morning they were under control as we left home as she had wet them down flat by as we got closer to school …bong..up they shot! Mad scramble for a clip..always loads lying around but none in my car today.So luckily MK wisely said” just take one out of a friends hair and u will survive “


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