My mom was good before I was born…

Yesterday was tennis tryouts at school.

T: Mama, Ms Stuart-Findlay said I’m really good. She said my form and technique was fantastic. She wondered if you are good at tennis because it must come from you or daddy.
Me: Oh wow, that’s rad! See, I knew you’d slay at tennis tryouts. (my head swelling to three times it’s size) Awww and I’m so glad she could see the Serena Williams power and technique hidden behind my mom bod.
T: Yes, I told her we play tennis most weekends and that you were first team tennis when you were at school. She said wow.
Me: Aww, Thomas! Thank you for telling her that (by now I’m beaming so much, if I were THE iceberg, the Titanic would’ve seen me the moment it left the Southampton dock!)
T: She asked if I sometimes win matches. I told her I win most of our matches as you are not so fast anymore. I told her you were good before I was born.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha, yes my child, I certainly was good before you were born. I was a lot of things before you were born. Lolz.

6 thoughts on “My mom was good before I was born…

  1. halberts2014

    LOL, oh yes, we Mums were a lot of things before. We were faster, slimmer, cleverer, etc.
    I’m loving these Thomas’s, especially since you’ve been so quiet for a while.


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