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Whatever happened to Boutros Boutros-Ghali?

Found this gem from somewhere in 2010. I wrote it shortly after my hospital stay. Hahahaha.

You know how many of us struggle with the consequences of always having to be polite and please people and have people in our lives who just live to make kack comments? Well, I have a very good excuse to be rude now (if you have a bum heart, people will let you get away with things,I think) and I have the perfect retort.

On one of my many travels through Panorama Medi-Clinic,  I was in Ward B who has the early onset dementia and other such delights included into the mix. They try to keep all the different types of animals together but we were mixed up every now and then. On one such mix-up I shared a ward with an Alzheimer’s lady who had truly travelled the world (dunno if it’s imagined, but she had me hooked with her stories). But the weird thing was that she would stop anywhere in her story and suddenly ask: Whatever happened to Boutros Boutros-Ghali and that would be the end of the conversation. You would get nothing more out of her no matter what you said about BBG.

I’ve decided that I will do that from now. I’ve had some beauties since my diagnosis. From people wanting to know if I’m comfortable leaving my son in DH’s care when I die (because men don’t know how to take care of kids you see) to all sorts of other really kack comments. And what have I been doing? Not doing the usual fish out of water mouth flapping and not knowing what to say and crying about it afterwards…

I look them straight in the eye and say: Whatever happened to Boutros Boutros-Ghali? with the most earnest expression on my face and just walk away.