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Do I just have South African blood in me???

The topic of the day on the playground yesterday was lineage. Someone mentioned that they have Italian and German and Irish and BRITISH blood IN them!! Someone else was three quarter Irish and three quarter German (teachers need to work on those fractions).

From what I was able to piece together, most countries are represented on this playground.

Thomas: *a bit disappointed* They asked me what blood I have and I said just South African. Do I really just have South African blood in me though?
Elton: Well, you have a speck of German from Ma’s side. Jutzen is a German surname.
Me: And you have a speck of Malaysian from Dadda’s side. But, you’re mostly South African and you are pretty marvellous.

This was also a great time to reinforce the “your blood” does not make you superior narrative.

Me: I think it’s great that you guys were able to discover more about each other. And remember, it is not on to think or say that you are better than others because you have blood from other countries in you or for any other reason. And…
Thomas: I know, I know Mama, you always say it. All our blood is red and our poop is brown.

Hahaha, my work here is done.