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Bon Joviiii, I love you!

When Bon Jovi was here in early May, husband and I spent lots of time talking about them (it was one of the things we had in common) and I was reminiscing about seeing them in 1995 and how cool it was to see them live.

It was the first concert my dad allowed me to go to. But if I think about it, I was already living on my own (albeit with my uncle). I just needed my dad to get me there and back.

So my friend Tania and I went in our skimpy little shorts, bikini tops and T-shirts. Great fun!

At one stage I got so carried away I shouted, Bon Joviii, I love you and lifted my top and my bikini top as well!

Big Tom is a boob man, so I got his attention when he heard I flashed my boobs at some other man. He asked me to repeat the performance, which I of course did. Much to his delight. His words?

Mama, you are so cool!

I hope he thinks so when I repeat the story when he’s older!