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This is grade 3.

Big Tom started grade 3 yesterday. I know, I know. Where has the time gone and all that.

Watching this little person develop has been glorious!. Well, mostly. I’m not the primary parent so I get to do all the fun stuff like walks with the dogs, cavorting in the ocean on our boogie boards and all the physical things Elton can no longer do with him. Poor Elton gets the homework, school run and extramural juggles. The infuriating questioning of everything and exasperating pushing of boundaries. When I’m home, Elton usually taps out and I have to do my time. Thomas and I are both quite strong characters so even though Elton gets to tap out, he sometimes has to step back in the ring to separate us when things get heated.

I love that with every year that passes he is more open to reason and we can better negotiate our way around issues. I marvel at how he seems to have inherited a delicious mix of Elton and my wit and I delight at his verbal skills. And my mommy heart loves that he is still extraordinarily affectionate (albeit restricted to the privacy of our home, mostly).

And by all accounts, he is a loyal friend, kind and an all-round great guy. Also love the feedback we receive from parents who have him in their homes for play dates/sleepovers. He has a solid idea of what is acceptable and what is not and he is courageous and has a fierce loyalty towards his friends. It really is heartwarming to watch him with buddies and fascinating to listen to him recount whatever happened on the playground. When I look back at my childhood, I wish I had a friend like Thomas. I know I’m incredibly biased, but this kid is such a treat.

I know those of you who have older kids are going *snigger, snigger, wait until you get to the teens* and I suppose you’re right. Things will change, but I would like to think that his inherent kindness and courage to stand up for himself and others who are not as strong as him, will carry on through the riotous teen years when the hormones rage and it all goes to hell. That is why I am writing all of this down, so in a few years’ time when I *can’t even* and want to run away from home and join a circus, I can pop a few Prozacs, take a big gulp of wine and reminisce about what a great kid he was and hope that kid comes back soon.  🙂