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My favourite food is . . .


This is according to Big Tom.

He was at a neighbour’s house the other day and she asked him what his favourite food was. Macaroni cheese.

Then she asked him what my favourite food was. Food.

Hahaha, does my child know me or what?

On a more serious note, I don’t really like fish (one whiff of the fishy smell and I dry heave. So poor Thomas and Elton only ever gets fish if:
1) It’s Easter and I make pickled fish.
2) We have Fish & chips for sups
3) I give him fish fingers.

I do give him a supplement with Eye Q which is apparently one of the best ways to get the goodness of fish in him, but I do feel very guilty most times. I wonder what other moms do when it comes to foods they don’t eat?

Hopefully he ends up with someone who loves fish and he can eat as much fish as he wants to later in life.