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Guts or nuts?

I have a very active imagination. Great for being creative and writing. Not so great if you’re a parent.

Thomas “dies” at least half a dozen times in my head every day. I imagine something happening at school. I imagine the swimschool bus being obliterated by an 18 wheeler. I imagine him being abducted. I imagine him getting lost at the mall. All sorts.

So because of my imagination, we have this exercise we do regularly where we sketch a scenario where someone tries to take him and how he can get out of it. We’ve taught him to drop down on his bottom (or bum-bums) as he calls it, and to shout and scream loudly that the person trying to take him is not his mother/father. It’s not easy to pick up a child that’s on the ground kicking and screaming.

When we asked him recently what he’s supposed to do if someone tries to take him, instead of the usual drop down, kick and scream, he said.

Mama, I will ask the guy guts or nuts?! (Meaning do you want to be kicked in the guts or nuts?) hahahaha.

I think any would-be abductor would drop down RTFL and totally forget about whatever they were going to do. Well I’d like to imagine that’s what they’d do.